September News

Hey kids! Summer is winding down but we've had a great one and we've got lots of exciting things happening this fall!

The summer has been fantastic with a lot of shows and a lot of new fans under our belt. We had a blast touring Alberta and Newfoundland, but in the next couple of months we are focusing on finishing the new album. That said, we do have a few shows on the calendar. In October, look for us at our favourite Edmonton haunt (the Atlantic Trap & Gill) and also at Paddy McSwiggins in Fort McMurray. Derina is also doing a number of solo shows this fall in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. Be sure to keep your eye on our upcoming events page for all of Derina's dates for the rest of this year.

With regards to our new album, we are excited to announce that we are teaming up with PledgeMusic to let you be a part of its creation and let you get a copy pre-release! The working title of the new record is "Rove and Go" and its set for release in early 2016. However, later this month we're going to open up an online campaign that will give you the opportunity to let you pre-order it and we're even cooking up other cool things that you can order from us to be a part of creating the album. We'll have more details very soon.

Stay tuned, and thanks for checking in!