October News

Greetings, friends!
October is looking pretty damn exciting from our perspective! 

First off, we have shows in some our favourite venues: Paddy McSwiggins in Fort McMurray, and our favourite Edmonton haunt - the Atlantic Trap and Gill - on October 11th that's sure to be a stomper! Later this month, we've got a showcase spot at the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta annual conference in Fort Saskatchewan. We're looking forward to meeting a lot of new folks that weekend, to be sure!

The biggest news however, is that right after Thanksgiving we are opening up the pre-order for the new album! The new one is called Rove and Go and we've partnered with PledgeMusic to give it to you before it's officially released to the masses (well, perhaps we don't have MASSES of people waiting for it, but... in any case... YOU want one, right? ;) In any case, the pre-order opens up on TuesdayOctober 13th through our PledgeMusic website. On the website you can order special items that we'll make available for a limited time, and we'll publish updates as we go through the final stages of creating the album (we're not fully done yet)! We'll post videos, photos, and samples of the music that we'll give to you for being a part of this last leg of the journey.

Stay tuned for details folks! We're excited to share some new music with you!

Derina and the lads