May News

Hey folks, we've got a lot going on both in the studio and on our tour schedule! 

We're finishing up the recording process for the new album and tracking final pieces (background vocals, and some extra stuff that you may not have heard on the first album - a little mandolin, a drop of banjo, even some piano). We're not finished quite yet as we end up screwing around in the studio doing things like this...

...and having to do a few extra takes due to tongue twisting and alien invasions...

Heh... but seriously folks, we can't wait to share the new album with you and we're going to give you a chance to pre-order a copy so you can get it early. Look for an album release party in Edmonton towards the end of summer.

Our summer tour schedule is shaping up with dates in Alberta and Newfoundland and we're really excited to get in front of a lot of people this summer! In the near term, we'll be heading to Calgary to the Atlantic Trap and Gill on June 5 and 6. There's even a bus to take you folks from Edmonton who might like to tag along!

We've got other festival dates in Alberta that we'll let you know about once we get final word!

More to come from us later, folks.