July News

Greetings and salutations!

(Well, we’re over actually over a week into July as this is penned, but who's counting, right?) We have been busy in Newfoundland for the first part of the month! We started our summer with Canada Day celebrations in Paradise, NL and had an amazing time playing at O’Reilly’s last Friday and Saturday. Saturday, in particular, was pretty nuts! We love playing at that bar when we come to St. John’s. We finished off the first leg of our Newfoundland summer dates with a fine little gathering at the Riverside Lounge in Cape Broyle - you MUST try the fish and chips at that place!

So, what else is coming up in July? Well, as it happens:Then we're back for another whirlwind trip to the east coast! Crazy, wha? That's about all the time we have for now folks. This has been a short update, but you should know that we are diligently working away at our album and we'll have a release date outlined fairly soon - it's just a little further away than we initially thought.

Stay safe out there this summer, b'ys and gals! Hope to see you soon.