February News

Hey folks!

A little quieter on the gig front in February (probably the quietest it will be this whole year!), but there is an event you should check out: Derina and Matt at the Two Sergeants Brewery in Fort Saskatchewan for the grand opening on Feb 12th! Check out the calendar for all the upcoming shows.

In other news, we recently mailed out all the packages to those who took part in our PledgeMusic pre-order campaign, so there's CDs, T-Shirts, decks of cards, sunglasses, toques (we've got those in the store now too eh!)... well, there's a lot of stuff going through the mail on our behalf - Canada Post is happy with us this month! The album will be officially available for download and purchase through our website on May 3rd. That said, we just might have a few copies at shows that we'd be willing to part with, if you're out and about ;)

In any case, see you soon!