April news

We're busy as ever this month... conferences, gigs... not to mention we've got an album coming out in a few weeks!

Derina and Steve trekked over the mountains to start off the month in Burnaby, BC at the Pacific Contact conference. Derina did a pitch & perform spot for the crowd and it went over prrrrty good, indeed! We're likely going to get to BC to play a few shows as a result, maybe as early as this summer - stay tuned!

On the more immediate front we've got a few gigs right in front of us: we're at the Masonic Hall in High River on Friday, April 15th and at Mugs Pub in Calgary on Saturday, April 16th. We're long overdue for a trip south of Edmonton, so that should be a blast! We're also back at Paddy McSwiggins on the 22nd and 23rd to cover our basis in northern Alberta for the month.

Now after all of that, you'd think we'd do a show in Edmonton, yes? That we will! The first week of May, keep your eyes peeled for a gig here in the city. It will be our official release party for the new album "Rove and Go", and we'll announce details very soon! We're stoked to finally get this album out to all of you and we'll be doing a fair bit of playin' from May onward through the summer, so just keep your eyes on the calendar for all the details!

Looking forward to seeing you at a show this month! 

Derina and the b'ys